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The Hipanema *** SUMMER SALE *** has arrived

About Us

HIPANEMA was born of a meeting in Paris between Rio.

From colorful inspiration and desire to travel, two blondes 18th and 7th district decided to bring back the glamor of Brazil in their luggage.
The HIPANEMA bracelet, in addition to being the “must have” the summer of 2012, is a revolutionary concept for these fashionistas accumulating grisgris their wrists.
“I like to wear a lot of Brazilian bracelets as a headline, but be trapped by tying them to my wrist until they break, finally tired” believes Delphine.
“It’s hard to take in a few years the son ends without color remaining in the wrist, as it is not always easy to match with all of her wardrobe,” retorted Jenny.
And this is how it all began …
The chic magnet clasp therefore offers a new perspective to the bracelet of the holiday. It is no longer a post trip obligation but a real ethnic accessory that gives people in our urban outfits.
Beads, shells, son of all colors, HIPANEMA bracelets are available in 8 different models. Bahia ribbons mingling with the legendary Copacabana bracelets, quartz stones with various seashells.
The cuff double door, triple, over there, the more we like them.


After the runaway success of Brazilian bracelets HIPANEMA, both creative and Delphine Jenny Collinet Crech’riou
do not waste time and engage in ready to wear brand with us AMENAPIH. AMENAPIH is the right continuity HIPANEMA jewelry, c ‘ is a line of ready to wear ethnic, colorful, full of surprises and trips. We find the brand’s DNA in the multitude of beads, bold assemblies, bracelets retrouvants on collars, gloves decking beads, sequins shimmering on hats. The adventure is reflected in a capsule line for the moment, that we discover a pompom dresses, precious coats, gloves folk, western hats, printed pants and sparkling pockets. “The idea of the ready to wear quickly became obvious. ” Delphine says.  “Our bracelets are already more than jewelry, lending the notion it feels to wear, matter.” surrenchérit Jenny Indeed, their bracelets have become small “HIT” since 2012, sold both in multi-brand concept stores.”We want to create only what we love, the idea is to have fun, love what we do, and especially to offer anything other than jewelry, “says Jenny. In a few months HIPANEMA is spreading throughout France, spills over Europe for a year in 35 countries invade. “AMENAPIH will be presented in France for this season. The addicts bracelets are French, this collection is for them. ” If we could easily ask the marks must go through the box ready to wear or if success must surely be confirmed on . fashion . According to Delphine, “We’re not starting a fashion story, we live through our desires, we realize our whims HIPANEMA / AMENAPIH is more than fashion, it’s a lifestyle: paris / rio / nyc / shanghai = move, benefits, and especially appreciate “AMENAPIH reflects HIPANEMA; the mirror of a good idea, a good meeting, a great story.

After being white HIPANEMA come Into two Parisian girls puts in Rio.

Inspired by colors den DURING Their travels, the two young blondes from Paris Decided to bring-back Some Brazilian glamor In Their suitcases.
Apart from being white the “must have” of summer 2012, the band is a revolutionary concept HIPANEMA for all fashionistas wearing trinkets on Their wrists.
“I love wearing lots of Brazilian bracelets goal to tie and untie HAVING em one by one till est devenu They break a bore” says Delphine.
“After a pair of years it Becomes difficulty to keep wearing the old discolored ties and it’s not easy to match ’em with ones wardrobe” replies Jenny.
This is how it all started …
The very chic magnetized clasp Belgium Bosnia a great alternative to the holiday bracelets. The Brazilian ties go from being white has post-holiday drag to being white was real ethnic fashion accessory qui livens up our urban wear.
Made from pearls, seashells and multicolored thread, the HIPANEMA bracelets come in 8 different models. The ribbons from Bahia mix with the legendary Copacabana bracelets and the quartz stones with various seashells.
These cuffs Can Be worn triple double gold. The more the merrier!



After successfully HAVING lancé Hipanema brazilian inspired bracelets, the two young founders and designers, Jenny and Delphine are Thrilled to announce the launch of Amenapih, Their Ready to wear collection. Amenapih core values ​​are ethnical, colorful, surprising and adventures. These values ​​create a seemless transition to the colorful beads and unexpected mix match of the jewelery line Hipanema. The A / W14 collection Will feature embellished collars and shinny trims, delicately hand stitched on hats and gloves. Amenapih’s first collection is very much inspired by the film ‘The Petrolleuses ‘. Precious coats, dresses pompom, folky gloves, western hats, printed trousers and shinny clutches take the collection into the wild world of unknown Amenapih. “The idea to launch a ready to wear line collection est devenu Obvious very quickly” says Delphine, “our bracelets are already more than jewelry You can feel the textures and the idea of the garments coming through “Explains Jenny. Hipanema’s magnetic bracelets are sold in being white Carefully selected jewelry shops and concept stores around the globe. Within a Few months Hipanema’s has managed to grow from France to 35 Countries. “We only want to design what we like, the idea is to have fun and offer a little wardrobe for the Hipanema’s girls” adds Jenny. Amenapih Will launch Exclusively in France W13-14 the season, dedicating the first collection to our core french Consumers. The Future Will Be collections shown worldwide.Does a brand need to Log go launch a ready to wear collection to confirm icts success? “We are not launching a fashion brand, Delphine states, we live through envy, we exhausted our vagaries. HIPANEMA / AMENAPIH is beyond fashion, it is a life style: Pars / Rio / NYC / Shanghai – move, enjoy, over and over. AMENAPIH is the mirrored image of HIPANEMA; the reflection a good idea, a beautiful encounter and a fabulous story.

Hipanema Girls